Animation vs. YouTube is the sixth major installment created by Alan Becker. It was announced on December 10, 2016, released on YouTube in August 3, 2017. It is a second spin-off to the Animator vs. Animation series.

Animation vs. YouTube
Season 1, Episode 6
Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 10.16.00 PM
Air date August 3, 2017
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Animation vs. Minecraft
The Rediscovery - AVM Shorts Episode 1


It all starts with the video switching, along with a zoom out from full screen to the default screen. The first video appeared as "Charlie bit my finger" then the "Double Rainbow" video, then a few other videos. The Second Coming was switching and switching videos. In the middle of video switching, they were interrupted by an advertisement called "We-Suck Vacuums", exclusively produced by Alan Becker. This happened before PewDiePie's "MY NEW TOAD!" video. The Second Coming kept switching until they found the most preferred video for him and the Green Stick Figure: Rebalanced - [ stone OFFICIAL], which is a video indicating a stick figure fighting other stick figures.

After a few seconds of them being entertained from the video, the video suddenly started buffering. The Second Coming gives it a little kick. The video worked, but only for a very short amount of time. The video starts buffering again. The Second Coming hits it again. It briefly works but the video buffers again and The Second Coming hits the video player repeatedly to get the video to work. Suddenly, the buffering wheel gets converted into an angry face. The thumbs up and thumbs down buttons turned into its hands.

YouTube started fighting The Second Coming. The Second Coming fended off YouTube's hands for a short time but YouTube selects the video of a train passing by and The Second Coming gets hit by the train with YouTube grinning smugly at the attack. It then selects the video of a car driving past and grabs The Second Coming. Just before the car reached The Second Coming, Green paused the video. YouTube looks then grabs Green and plays the video with both stick figures getting hit by the car. YouTube then plays multiple videos of vehicles causing the stick figures to get hit by them. The stick figures were able to dodge the vehicles for a short amount of time later. Next, YouTube clicked on a video about being underwater and clicked on theater mode. Then the stick figures floating from the excessive wind on the next video about skydiving.

The Green Stick Figure escaped from the video and was able to smash one of YouTube's hands. However, YouTube switched on the "Mortal Kombat Theme" video and into full-screen mode. YouTube placed the stick figures on the spot where a person was endlessly punching and kicking. The stick figures were also damaged from multiple instances, such as in the Chocolate Rain video where Tay Zonday threw the stick figures into the edge of the video player, and where the keyboard cat was playing the piano while smashing the stick figures. YouTube then clicked on the next video but is interrupted when another advertisement pops up in the brand of "Drag Vacs", much to YouTube's annoyance but proceeds to skip the ad when prompted and onto Philip DeFranco's video where the stick figures are hit by Philip's waving hand. YouTube then clicks the next video which was the Annoying Orange in where the Orange spits a seed at Tomato and the seed hits Green but The Second Coming ducks then the seed hits the Tomato then The Second Coming gets hold of a pop-up ad and destroys YouTube's other hand.

The Second Coming heads over towards the Exit Full-Screen button, but YouTube blocks off the stick figures using annotations with one word in each annotation saying, "Hey I'm not done with you yet". Green then deletes one annotation, much to YouTube's annoyance and attacks Green with more annotations saying "Punch" "Kick" "Uppercut". The Second Coming then tries to take advantage of the distraction by deleting more annotations leading to the Exit Full-Screen button, but YouTube blocks it off by using an annotation that says, "Don't think I don't see you". YouTube then traps the 2 stick figures in a box made of annotations. Then YouTube makes hands out of annotations then takes the Exit Full-Screen button to taunt the stick figures, YouTube then lets them out of the annotation box to make them try to get the button after going through a few videos including Flula Borg who BOOM!-Punches the stick figures 10 times; 1st time was the start of the video but the remaining 9 were from YouTube hitting the start of the video repeatedly. After a couple more videos, they even come across the Animator vs Animation video. The Second Coming starts to fight YouTube but gets distracted by victim. He then discovers that he fits perfectly with Victim. When YouTube goes to hit the next video, Green grabs one of the hands and starts deleting the hand but YouTube regenerates the hand. The Second Coming then goes to the settings icon, which is the gear, and finds the annotations toggle switch and starts tugging on it. When YouTube notices what The Second Coming is doing, it tries to grab the stick figure but it was too late, the annotations toggle was torn out and destroyed the annotation hands. The Exit Full-Screen button then falls to the ground, in between Green and The Second Coming. The 2 stick figures start running towards the button, but at that moment, a now handless YouTube clenches and releases buffer particles out until the particles circulate the whole video player, showing he now has full control over the whole video player. He then changes the video to a Vsauce video to try and block the stick figures from pressing the button. After going through a few more videos, one video shows PewDiePie playing Flappy Bird but after PewDiePie loses the game, the Exit Full-Screen button is within reach of the 2 stick figures. As The Second Coming grabs the Exit Full-Screen button, YouTube then cycles to a video going, "Noooooo!". The Second Coming hits the Exit Full-Screen button and the 2 sticks are back on the YouTube interface.

The Second Coming puts the Exit Full-Screen button on its torso and Green clicks the button, making The Second Coming to a giant stick figure and starts beating up YouTube, as it's getting beaten, YouTube flinches and displays videos of pain. However, as a last resort, uses the buffer particles to detach the gear button from the player and uses a video of a golf club hitting a golf ball to launch the gear at the refresh page button which causes the wrecked video player to refresh back to full health. And The Second Coming shrinks back to normal size. And YouTube not only gets his hands back but its annotations and Full-Screen button. Green and The Second Coming are sitting under the video player, feeling defeated watch as YouTube gloats over its apparent victory by cycling through videos of cheering and celebrations. Green takes the time to steal the Full-Screen button again, but YouTube notices it and tries to grab the button off Green. The Second Coming tries to help Green but YouTube throws it away. YouTube and Green tug on the button, but the button eventually breaks.

YouTube, now furious, throws Green to the ground and plays a video of a fireplace. Now having a villainous breakdown, he threatens the stick figures by putting together videos to assemble the following words:

"I'm feeling quite angry right now. Hey there, you little stick figures. It's time for you to die, ok?"

The Second Coming and Green look up at the Upload button, look at each other and spring into action. YouTube then gets 2 more hands out of annotations, now with 4 hands, tries to grab the stick figures. Just as Green is about to hit the Upload button, YouTube grabs it and tries to crush it with its 4 hands. The Second Coming saves Green by throwing the Subscribe button at YouTube's hands which made YouTube drop Green. The Second Coming and Green kick away the button hands but YouTube grabs The Second Coming with its annotation hands and tries to pull it apart. But Green quickly hits the gear icon and tears out the annotations toggle, which destroys the annotation hands and saves The Second Coming, leaving YouTube with only 2 button hands. The Second Coming kicks away the right hand but YouTube grabs Green with its left hand and throws it into an oncoming kick. The Second Coming quickly changes the video to one with a water cannon which propels Green towards the Upload button. Green presses the button, which brings the 2 to the upload page. Green looks at The Second Coming, they nod, and Green jumps into the upload area. He is squeezed into the thumbnail box. The Second Coming adds him to the same playlist. Upload is finished, The Second Coming then clicks publish and then the back button. The Second Coming is back on the YouTube interface and fends off YouTube's hands as it makes its way to click Green's video. However, YouTube grabs The Second Coming and starts beating it, as it's being flailed around, The Second Coming clicks Green's video. As YouTube starts punching The Second Coming, Green starts to push the edges of the video player. YouTube noticing this, drops The Second Coming and turns his attention to Green and starts punching Green. But Green couldn't be touched, YouTube starts to panic and in vain tries to punch Green repeatedly but Green splits the video player which results in an explosion, killing YouTube.

The Second Coming and Green, exhausted, crawl over to each other and high five and lie down. Red, Yellow, and Blue arrive with popcorn wonder what happened. Blue walks over to Green and taps it to see if it's ok, and Green puts his arm up to say yes. Red moves the couch, Yellow picks up the popcorn and Blue takes a piece of rubble and throws it the refresh button and everything is back to normal. Blue and Yellow sit on the couch while Red looks through the playlist. The Second Coming and Green get up and look at Red and they flee. The 3 stick figures wonder about this but go on to watch the Breaking Rust video that Red picked. Red then joins them on the couch. After a few seconds of entertainment, the video starts buffering, Red gets up to the side of the video player then proceeds to hit it then the credits roll.

It's unknown if YouTube is permanently killed or it was revived again after Red hit it. It shows credits for people who have permission.

Deleted Scenes

An extra scene where the stick figures were attempting to take the "Exit Full-Screen" button from YouTube was cut because Alan explained that things were "going too fast" so he took the scene out to make it shorter.[1]




  • Announcer
  • PewDiePie
  • Other Sticks
  • Tay Zonday
  • David

Guest Appearances (In order of Appearance)

  • Charlie
  • Yosemitebear
  • Judson Laipply
  • Joe Penna
  • Zach King
  • PewDiePie
  • Rhett & Link
  • Numerous Car Drivers
  • 3 Unnamed Scuba Divers
  • 2 Unnamed Sky Divers
  • Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
  • Tay Zonday
  • Keyboard Cat
  • Philip DeFranco
  • The Annoying Orange and a Tomato (Both Voiced by Daneboe)
  • David
  • 1 Unnamed Rocket Jumper and 1 Unnamed Gunman
  • Hank Green
  • Dan
  • Flula
  • 1 Unnamed Panda and 1 Unnamed Baby Panda
  • Michael Stevens
  • Mark (Markplier)
  • Jason (Voiced by Jason Sargeant) and George (Minecraft Pig)
  • 1 Unnamed Baseball Rule Checker
  • Anthony
  • Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney (Dude Perfect)
  • Numa Numa Guy
  • 18 Unnamed People
  • Marques Brownlee
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • 1 Unnamed Black Stick Figure and Numerous Red Stick Figures


  • This is the second installment where Adobe Flash is not involved in the plot in any way (although its logo can be seen). The first one being Animation vs. Minecraft.
  • It is also the second installment not to feature Noogai3 after Animation vs. Minecraft.
  • This animation took the longest out of all animations Alan has made as of 2017.
  • This is the first Animation to take place in Windows 10.
  • This is the second time Alan had to hire people to help complete the Animation on time.[2]
  • This animation features the highest level of Cameos of patrons and you-tubers out of all the animations.
  • PewDiePie was a special case; Alan Becker knew a guy who could ask PewDiePie for him.[3]
  • Instead of Adobe Flash, it has now been renamed to Adobe Animate.
  • Animator vs. Animation video makes a cameo appearance in the video.
  • There are 32 guest appearances in there.
  • It only shows the 3 major characters. Others were minors.
  • You can actually find a playlist with the videos featured by Alan Becker. It however only has 69 videos, unlike the playlist in the video, having 5000 videos at the end. This means that 69 out of the video icons you can see are real.[4[4]]
  • It's highly likely that Animation vs. YouTube isn't canon, seeing as the Minecraft logo is seen on the bottom (while it's constantly shown that it isn't on the bottom), and that the video implies Alan recorded the first Animator vs. Animation.



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