Animation vs. Super Mario Bros is a full length episode of Animator vs. Animation that revolves around the famous Nintendo video game franchise known as Mario. This episode features various versions of Mario from the original games on the NES face off against the main cast of the Animator vs. Animation franchise. It is the shortest full length episode (only five minutes run-time) compared to the previous usual twenty minute episodes.


The movie starts with The Second Coming heading from the desktop into Alan Becker's Nintendo Switch. He find that it is open to a game of Super Mario Bros. and watches Mario as he runs off. The Second Coming follows him throughout World 1-1 and watches as he gains a Super Mushroom. The Second Coming accidentally makes Mario lose his Super form by reaching out for a handshake.

They continue to head through the level, reaching the first bottomless pit. Mario hits a ? Block to get the Super Mushroom hidden inside, but The Second Coming intercepts the mushroom's path and grows instead. Mario gets angry and runs off with the curious stick figure in pursuit. Mario jumps on his head and causes him to revert to his normal form. Mario escapes the game window and goes to the game selection menu.

He heads to the Super Mario Bros. 2 card and the Mario from that game joins. Mario 2 throws vegetables at The Second Coming, knocking him to the ground. He manages to hit Mario 2 and shrink him down. Mario 1 heads to Super Mario Bros. 3 and has the Mario from that game follow him out, while Mario 2 pulls out a Mushroom and recovers his health.

Mario 3 uses the raccoon tail he has to swipe at The Second Coming, starting a chain of attacks from the Mario trio. The Second Coming retreats to ALANSPC as the Marios chase him.

On the desktop, The Second Coming sees his friends relaxing on the couch. He runs up to them and warns them of the incoming threat. The Marios arrive and all of the characters ready themselves. The Marios approach the Fighting Stick Figures and easily gain the upper hand. Mario 1 runs off to his game and picks up the card. He runs off back to the desktop where the five stick figures have managed to overpower the two remaining Marios.

Mario 1 shakes the Super Mario Bros. cars and causes all sorts of object and enemies such as pipes, Goombas, Koopa Troopas and other enemies to fall out. The Marios are also given power-ups and gain the advantage again. The stick figures continue fighting back, despite being outnumbered significantly. Once again, Mario 1 returns to the Nintendo Switch and this time heads to Super Mario Bros. 2 and picks up the card. He heads back and shakes out the game's card. Various Shy Guys and other enemies fall out, as well as environmental object like vines and semi-solid platforms. As they watch they watch the enemies approach, the Super Mario Bros. 3 card is shaken out from the edge of the screen as well. Even more flies out, with Goombas, more semi-solid platform, bushes and more all filling up the desktop.

The stick figures attack the minions scattered throughout, while Mario 3 grabs a raccoon suit. Red lunges, but Mario 3 transforms into a statue. This confuses Red, and then watches Mario 3 transform back. Mario 3 opens up a power-up menu and picks out a raccoon suit for Red. Red also transform into a statue, then back. The two then become friendly with each other and head up into the sky.

Mario 2 hops onto a magic carpet with a Pidgit on it. He picks up the Pidgit and floats to where Yellow is kicking the remaining surrounding enemies away. Mario 2 throws the Pidgit and Yellow dodges it. Mario pick up another vegetable and is about to throw it when he sees Yellow is interested in the magic carpet. Yellow hops on and tries to move it, but is unsuccessful. He turns around and sees Mario 2 has thrown the vegetable away. He asks for help, and Mario 2 willingly hops on to show him.

The Second Coming, Green and Blue are all playing around with the surrounding objects now that no one is attacking them. They gather power-ups as Yellow and Mario 2 float towards them in their magic carpet. Red and Mario 3 fall from the sky in their statue forms, then transform back. All seven of them look at each other and realize what they can do. The five stick figures do their iconic cheer pose.

Mario 1 puts the Super Mario Bros. 3 card back in its place and heads to the desktop once again. He looks and is shocked to find as a folder is opened with Blue standing inside, while the other six watch from the couch. They watch as Blue runs through the custom-made course, jumping on enemies with skill. The other stick figures, along with Mario 2 and Mario 3 clap and then continue to watch him maneuver the obstacles. They applaud him as he manages to jump to avoid a Piranha Plant that came out of the pipe as he was standing on it. The cannons' ammo he managed to avoid, but he is struck by a Hammer Bro's hammer and falls. The others once again applaud for how well he did.

Mario 1 throws his hat down in anger and approaches Blue. Blue runs behind him and resets the course's position. Blue tells Mario 1 to follow him as he runs back to the others. Blue trades places with Green, and it becomes his turn to try the course. Mario 1 slowly approaches and watches Green's performance.

The Second Coming sees Mario 1 standing away from them, and he urges Mario 1 to come. The Second Coming then pulls out a Super Mushroom, to the welcome surprise of Mario 1. The Second Coming gives it to him, which causes him to grow into his Super Form. Mario 3, Red, Blue and The Second Coming all move over to make room for Mario 1 on the couch. The Second Coming urges for him to join, and after looking around for a second, he decides to sit down with them.


  • This is the shortest main-series episode of Animator vs. Animation to date, with a total run-time of 5:23.
  • This is the second episode in the franchise to feature a video game console, this case being the Nintendo Switch.
    • The first one is the DS Lite.
  • This is the second Animation vs. Nintendo video, with the First Being Animation vs. Pokémon.


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