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Animation vs. Pokémon (official)


"Cornered now!"
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Animation vs Pokemon is an animation released by Alan Becker on July 6th, 2019.


Alan Becker appears to be playing the Nintendo DS but then the Lunch time alarm pops up and Alan Becker needs to charge his Nintendo DS. While Alan is making the Delicious Lunch, The Second Coming enters the Pokémon game that Alan Becker was playing to steal a Pokémon. For some magic reason, the characters move without anyone controling them and they see a Totodile is missing. They exit to the computer to search the Totodile and take it back, but The Second Coming tries to give it to the police and the Totodile is scared. The Trainers use their force and the animation enters the game again, stealing more Pokémon and having fun playing the game while the other stickmans watch the Nintendo DS. Next The Second Coming finds the Trainers and they fight in ALANSPC (The name of the computer as seen in AVA shorts #3). The Second Coming wins and the Trainer lets him to join the Pokémon League. Alan finishes his delicious lunch but he's surprised to se one of his stickmans on his Nintendo DS, that's how the animation ends.


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