Animation vs. Pokémon
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date July 6, 2019
Written by Alan Becker
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Animation vs Pokémon is an animation Alan Becker released on July 6, 2019. It is the the eighth full length episode overall, and it takes place after the events of Animation vs. League of Legends.


Alan Becker is playing Pokémon HeartGold on his Nintendo DS and The Second Coming tries to get his attention but fails, so Alan's lunchtime alarm goes off but Alan ignores The Second Coming but he realizes that his DS is running low, so he puts it to charge by plugging it in to his PC . While Alan makes his lunch, The Second Coming goes into HeartGold Alan was playing to steal a Pokémon. The console activates "Anti Piracy Mode", and for some magical reason, the characters become self-aware and start to move without anyone controlling them. they look around and see a Totodile is gone. They go out to the computer to look for Totodile and get it back, The Second Coming is teasing Totodile and Totodile seems to like it, the cops ask the Second Coming to hand over Totodile. He tries to hand it over to the police but Totodile is scared.

Trainers use their Pokemon to defeat The Second Coming and retrieve Totodile. The Second Coming has a thought of what it would be like if he became champion, and he enters the game again, captures a Pidgey and eventually recovers Totodile, he eventually makes more Pokémon friends and they all go through the game, beating the Ginasios and catching several. All the Pokemon are helping each other, and as time goes by, the Stick Figures watch the whole journey of The Second Coming. Then The Second Coming is going to the Last Gym but is interrupted by the police who say only worthy trainers can pass, the cop eventually realizes that The Second Coming has all Johto's Eight Insignia and asks him to pass, but says he can have only one Pokemon following him he ends up finding the coach who had taken the Totodile back, he then says he wants to beat him, but not his Pokémon, with elee in person, he pushes The Second Coming out of DS and the game and returns to the desktop.

All Trainer Pokémon Start attacking The Second Coming, but eventually get interrupted by The Second Coming's Pokémon, they manage to beat the trainer after an epic fight, the trainer then allows him to join the Pokémon League and apologize. Alan returns with his lunch and is surprised when he sees The Second Coming has become the Pokemon League Champion.



  • This is the first time a video game console has been seen in the Animator vs. Animation universe.
  • The anti piracy mode is a refrence on how Nintendo took Copyright very seriously.


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