"Cornered now!"
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Animation vs. League of Legends
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date December 21, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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The Chosen One's Return - AVA Shorts Episode 2

Originally, back in 2015, in Animation vs. Minecraft, the idea for the movie was just supposed to be a funny ending but people started asking for it to come out so it did. It's also the first movie to feature the character Purple.

In League of Legends, The Second Coming, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red are watching Alan play League of Legends. But after the game the stick figures beg Alan for another game, but Alan leaves. The stick figures begin to explore the victory screen. Soon they discover the profile photos and put them on as masks, they pretend fight each other but Red gets bored and clicks play again, Which causes them to be taken into the game, where they get transformed into the champions in the profile pictures(Blue into Ashe, Yellow into Lux, Red into Lee Sin, Green into Ryze, and The Second Coming into Master Yi). soon they fight off many creatures and destroy several enemy turrets, but the enemy was purple which they battled (purple had clones, as Lissandra, Brand, Varus, Udyr, and Nasus) until finally The Second Coming struck one which flashed, and his sword went through. He climbed up into the League of Legends folder and he found the real purple hacking the game, and realised the clones were undefeatable. The Second Coming and Purple fought and slowly the clones(which all had files to stablilise them) were destroyed but purple eats the contents of a folder named 'champion data' and becomes overpowered, he then summons a humongous monster, called "the Baron Nashor", destroys his enemy turrets in one strike and nearly destroyed the Nexus and won the game, but The Second Coming heavily damaged Purple's nexus too, the monster purple was riding turned and went for The Second Coming even though purple told it not to. then green warped along with the others and managed to launch their ultimate attacks to damage Baron Nashor and hinder it, just long enough for The Second Coming to destroy Purple's Nexus and win the game. Later, the Fighting Stick Figures and The Second Coming made friends with Purple. And this time, The Second Coming decided to make clones (as Draven, Talon, Teemo, Diana, Leona) for Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Purple to fight. The animation ends with Purple raising his sword high above his head.



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