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Alan Becker (born May 18, 1989) is an American animator and YouTuber. He is the creator of the Animator vs. Animation movies and the accompanying spin-off series AVM Shorts and AVA Shorts. He also appears on the side channel Animators vs. Games with his friend DJ Welch who's also an animator.

Life and Career

Becker since his youth has been fascinated with the world of 2D traditional animation. Some of his favorite cartoon series included Looney Tunes and the short Daffy Duck short Duck Amuck which would later inspire the creation of his famous franchise Animator vs. Animation. [1]

In 2005, he was home-schooled through an online training course which provided him with his first laptop. This laptop would motivate him to "experiment" with animations, and entered a course for Macromedia Flash to learn the topic in-depth. After some time discovering the entertainment website Newgrounds, the first animation of his filmography Pink Army was produced.

Early Years

Some time after the reception of Pink Army, Becker animated the short Animator vs. Animation that depicted a stick figure fighting with its creator (noogai3) in an application on Windows. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on June 6, 2006, and earned 2nd place on the site the next morning.

Several website owners contacted Becker asking to host the animation on their website, one of which who offered $75 at the price of a contract that gave exclusive rights to the animation. Due to personal household struggles, Becker nearly signed the contract until Steven Lerner emailed him warning the consequences if Becker were to follow through. [1]

eBaum's World

The website eBaum's World hosted Animator vs. Animation without Becker's permission as a "Weekly Best of the Web" post. Steven Lerner and many other people at the time were on a legal campaign to fight against eBaum's World's theft of images/videos without permission of the content creator; including Animator vs. Animation as one of many victimized flash animations that fought with the case.

In a while, eBaum's World discovered that Becker was in contact with Lerner. Becker described his concern in the moment as, "getting paid for my work and keeping rights to my animation". The company compromised by offering $250 to host the animation, which he accepted. Afterwards, the site pressured him to create a testimonial that would restore the company's "tainted" image. Lerner later created a blog post that described Becker "selling" him out, and after ongoing conversations with Lerner, Becker returned the profits to demand eBaum's World remove the video from the site.

Becker's animation was found across the web, but had not received any formal credit or profits from it. Atomfilms (now CC Studios) approached Becker to fund the creation of a sequel known as Animator vs. Animation II. It released on November 4, 2006. Within the animation, Alan Becker included his real AOL username that ended up him discontinuing his account there, due to massive amounts of text messages from strangers. Charles Yeh managed to contact Becker in the flooding spam to create a game based on the animation. The two collaborated to create Animator vs. Animation: The Game. [1]

With YouTube beginning to trend in 2007, Becker wanted to begin to start uploading the series on the platform. However, other copies of the exact same animation were already uploaded there. After reporting these duplicates as copyright infringements, Alan was able to ascend the search results as an official content creator. The public demanded the release of a third film, described as the "epic finale" to the trilogy by ending the user's computer with a blue screen of death. It was meant to be a shelved series that helped Becker's attempt to pursue animation and get a career at Pixar Studios. However, the request to join their internship was denied for two years consecutively.[1]

During his time in college, he created a variety of films with classmates, students and teachers that gave their own unique story and environment as seen with the short Lumin in 2013.[2]

Animator vs. Animation Reboot

Alan Becker's professor/instructor Thomas Richner at Columbia College of Arts and Design advised that Becker move forward with the Animator vs. Animation series due to its large fanbase and unique potential, which values more than working professionally at a company. After his graduation, he started a kick-starter campaign to fund for a fourth film. After the release of Animator vs. Animation IV in October 2, 2014, his subscriber count grew to over one-hundred thousand. The large exponential increase of followers gave motivation to create another movie that came to be Animation vs. Minecraft which put him at one million in less than a month.[1] Unlike the previous four films, outsourced labor was used this movie forward.[3]

Two years later, Becker began production on Animation vs. YouTube that required him to contact thousands of other content creators on YouTube such as PewDiePie, smosh and Zach King. It was delayed due to his personal life events, one of which included his marriage and first child.[4] It reached public audiences on August 3, 2017.

On November 18, 2017, Becker debuted a pilot short which became the AVM Series. Midway through Season 1, he announced a second series AVA Shorts which revolves around the return of the Chosen One and Dark Lord, antagonists of the original trilogy.[5] For the fourth and sixteenth episodes of the AVM Shorts series, Becker commissioned Aaron Grooves for the special note block music.

In November 29, 2019, Alan Becker announced he now has his own tutorial series (in collaboration with Bloop Animation) that goes in-depth with the entire process of how each of the episodes/movies are made and includes an exclusive animation that is inspired by Animator vs. Animation.[6][7]


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