Adobe Flash is the program Alan Becker uses to animate the stick figures. victim and The Chosen One use its tools to attack Alan Becker.

Animator vs. Animation

Alan Becker creates his first stick figure named “victim”. When he was about to animate him though, victim gains control of himself and starts attacking Alan. The story ends when Alan Becker closes the program and clicks “Don’t Save” Easter egg Alan clicked no when save pages to United one most of you don’t know.

Animator vs. Animation II

Alan goes back to Flash and creates another stick figure identical to victim. This time, he names him “The Chosen One”. He is able to exit out of the program. In fact, he was the first stick figure to go out of Flash. He starts attacking other programs including AOL Instant Messenger. Eventually he is tamed by Avast Antivirus and becomes Alan Becker’s pop-up blocker.

Animator vs. Animation III

Alan Becker uses Flash again to create a stick figure named “The Dark Lord”. It was supposed to destroy The Chosen One. But when The Dark Lord surrenders to The Chosen One, he lets him team up with him which causes them to destroy the computer.

Animator vs. Animation IV

The last time Alan Becker uses Flash is when he creates “The Second Coming”The Second Coming meets Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow on Later, he even becomes friends with Alan Becker. This was also the place where Alan Becker and The Second Coming talked with each other.

Fun Facts

  • Adobe Flash was later renamed Adobe Animate.
  • In Animation vs. Minecraft and Animation vs. YouTube, Adobe Flash was never used.
  • The only stick figures that were not made from Flash were Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

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