AVM Shorts, officially Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts, is a YouTube series based upon Animation vs. Minecraft. They average in length of eight minute episodes and have fourteen episodes in Season 1[1]. It takes place after Animation vs. YouTube and before the events of Animator vs. Animation Shorts.

Season 2 debuted on February 15, 2020 which received a total of four-hundred thousand views within a day, and chronologically takes place after Animation vs. Super Mario Bros.

List of Episodes

Season One

Image Title Synopsis Air Date
The Rediscovery Second Coming rediscovers Minecraft in the Start Menu of noogai3's computer. November 18, 2017 (YouTube)
The Building Contest Second Coming hosts a building competition to make a bulldozer. December 18, 2017 (YouTube)
The Roller Coaster Yellow pushes the limits of their building capabilities with rails and minecarts. January 18, 2018 (YouTube)
Potions S01E04
Potions Blue discovers the magic of potion brewing until a pig becomes hostile after drinking all of their stocks. February 18, 2018 (YouTube)
JazzyNoteBlocks S01E05
Note Blocks Blue and Red accidentally uncover music properties of a block. Music composition by AaronGrooves. March 18, 2018 (YouTube)
Command Blocks During Creative Mode, Yellow breaks Minecraft when experimenting with commands. April 18, 2018 (YouTube)

(Player vs Player)

Second Coming and Fighting Stick Figures run into a conflict when their buildings begin to crash into each other's construction. May 19, 2018 (YouTube)
TheNether S01E08
The Nether Blue and Green explore through the dimension of the Nether. June 19, 2018 (YouTube)
Villagers July 18, 2018 (YouTube)
TheEnd S01E10
The End The team of three begin to take on a boss in an attempt to retrieve a sacred trophy. Meanwhile, Second Coming and the rest of Fighting Stick Figures retrace the steps of Blue and Green to find their lost brothers. September 18, 2018 (YouTube)
Skyblock S01E11
Skyblock Fighting Stick Figures explore an odd server that's an island in sky. Second Coming stays behind to rest on noogai3's computer. January 28, 2019 (YouTube)
Killer bunny
TNT Land Second Coming yet again goes out to search for the gang and along the way encounters an oddly generous rabbit with a welcoming hospitality. April 4, 2019 (YouTube)
DolphinKingdom S01E13
The Dolphin Kingdom Fighting Stick Figures meet an intelligent race of dolphins. May 11, 2019 (YouTube)
AVA Episode 14 Thumbnail
Cave Spider Roller Coaster With everyone reunited, the crew must escape a rogue spider group to return to the Nether. September 21, 2019 (YouTube)

Season Two

Image Title Synopsis Air Date
Redstone Academy At the computer, Yellow teaches redstone to the rest of the stick figures. February 15, 2020 (YouTube)
AVM 16
Note Block Battle A competition of the note blocks is held. Music composition by AaronGrooves. March 14, 2020 (YouTube)
AVM S02E03
Build Battle Three rounds of a build battle is held that unleashes a deadly mob. April 11, 2020 (YouTube)
AVM Ep 18
Texture Pack Yellow changes the default textures of Minecraft. June 13, 2020 (YouTube)




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  1. Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 1 - All Episodes (1-14) Title suggests episodes 1-14 is Season 1 within the series.

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