AVM Shorts, short for Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts, is a YouTube series based upon Animation vs. Minecraft. They average in length of eight minute episodes.

Season 1[1] debuted on November 17, 2017. It takes place after Animation vs. YouTube and before the AvA Shorts. It involves the stick figures exploring Minecraft and later having a story arc involving Nether portals.

Season 2 debuted on February 15, 2020 which received a total of four-hundred thousand views within a day, and chronologically takes place after Animation vs. Super Mario Bros. It has no story arc and is just random events. Because of this, it's much shorter than Season 1.

Season 3 debuted on December 20, 2020. It takes place after every other episode in the series. It has a story arc where the stick figures re-explore the Nether and come across a doppelganger and a new stick figure.

List of Episodes

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Image Title Synopsis Air Date Season
Therediscovery.jpg Ep. 1: The Rediscovery The Second Coming rediscovers Minecraft in the Start Menu of noogai3's computer. November 18, 2017 (YouTube) 1
TheBuildingContest.jpg Ep. 2: The Building Contest The Second Coming hosts a building competition to make a bulldozer. December 18, 2017 (YouTube) 1
RollerCoaster.jpg Ep. 3: The Roller Coaster Yellow pushes the limits of their building capabilities with rails and minecarts. January 19, 2018 (YouTube) 1
Potions S01E04.jpg Ep. 4: Potions Blue discovers the magic of potion brewing until a pig becomes hostile after drinking all of their stocks. February 18, 2018 (YouTube) 1
JazzyNoteBlocks S01E05.jpg Ep. 5: Note Blocks Blue and Red accidentally uncover music properties of a block. Music composition by AaronGrooves. March 18, 2018 (YouTube) 1
CommandBlocks.jpg Ep. 6: Command Blocks During Creative Mode, Yellow breaks Minecraft when experimenting with commands. April 18, 2018 (YouTube) 1
PVP.jpg Ep. 7: PvP The Second Coming and the Fighting Stick Figures run into a conflict when their buildings begin to crash into each other's construction. May 18, 2018 (YouTube) 1
TheNether S01E08.jpg Ep. 8 The Nether Blue and Green explore through the dimension of the Nether and meet a new stick figure. June 18, 2018 (YouTube) 1
Villagers.jpg Ep. 9: Villagers July 18, 2018 (YouTube) 1
TheEnd S01E10.jpg Ep. 10: The End The team of three begin to take on a boss in an attempt to retrieve a sacred trophy. Meanwhile, the Second Coming and the rest of the Fighting Stick Figures retrace the steps of Blue and Green to find their lost brothers. September 19, 2018 (YouTube) 1




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  1. Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 1 - All Episodes (1-14) Title suggests episodes 1-14 is Season 1 within the series.

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