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The AVA Shorts, collectively known as Animator vs. Animation V, is an animated series based upon the Animator vs. Animation full-length movies.

Settled after the events of Season 1 of AvM Shorts, it undermines the mysteries of the internet and return of The Chosen One and The Dark Lord. The series was announced on the ninth episode[1] of AVM Shorts.

On February 11, 2020, one of the animators guzzu confirmed a fourth episode in the series coming within the next few months. This was later reinforced with Becker uploading a teaser within the AVM Shorts Episode 18 of the nearly finished product said to be released in the summer of 2020.[2]

Alan Becker planned the idea of making shorts of Animator vs. Animation all the way back in 2014, a few months after the release of Animator vs. Animation IV.

On December 5, 2020, Alan Becker released the series as one entire episode called "Animator vs. Animation V". The episode features all four shorts in a chronological order with new music and some edits and transitions, mostly in between the episodes.

List of Episodes

Image Title Synopsis Air Date
Virus S01E01.jpg
The Virus While working on a project with noogai3, Second Coming notices an icon that doesn't belong on the desktop. August 19, 2018 (YouTube)
ChosenReturns S01E02.jpg
The Chosen One's Return A powerful ally returns in defense against the invasion of ViraBot. October 28, 2018 (YouTube)
Flashback S01E03.jpg
The Flashback The history between The Dark Lord and The Chosen One is revealed. March 11, 2019 (YouTube)
AVA 04 TEMP.jpg
The Showdown An epic showdown between The Dark Lord and The Chosen One is unveiled. October 24, 2020 (YouTube)




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